Ripple Launches New Ethereum-Compatible Sidechain

Ripple users will be able to access Ethereum-compatible dApps in 2023. The XRP Ledger developers have begun testing a new sidechain compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Ripple Launches New Ethereum-Compatible Sidechain

The new XRP sidechain will allow developers of Solidity-based smart contracts to bring them into Ripple’s ledger. Mayukha Vadari, Software Engineer at Ripple, announced the start of sidechain testing on the developer platform.

The sidechain is designed to extend the functionality of the XRP Ledger and increase the network’s scalability. A roadmap for the Ripple EVM consists of three main phases:

  1. The first phase will allow developers to interact with the sidechain in the XRP Ledger Devnet testnet. 
  2. The second phase will start in early 2023. Developers will have access to a “permissionless EVM sidechain” to test scalability in a controlled environment.
  3. The third phase will deploy the sidechain in the core network. 

The Ripple EVM sidechain’s native token will remain XRP, but its deployment will allow access to Ethereum smart contracts. XRP will thus become available for use and storage in Ethereum-based dApps. 

According to Vadari, Ripple users will have access to decentralized Web 3.0 apps and wallets such as MetaMask by the end of next year. And developers will be able to bring Solidity-based smart contracts to XRPL. 

Recently, it was reported that the Ripple developers would participate in developing the digital U.S. dollar.

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