SOFTSWISS was a pioneer in the integration of cryptocurrencies into the iGaming industry. The company is marking the tenth anniversary of the active operation of its Crypto Casino Solution. 

SOFTSWISS Celebrates 10 Years of Active Operations

In 2013, SOFTSWISS became the first tech company to capitalize on the potential of digital currencies, taking the lead in integrating them into iGaming. While a decade ago players only had access to BTC, today they have access to around 20 different cryptocurrencies. This is reported in the company’s press release released to mark tenth anniversary of Crypto Casino Solution. 

At the end of 2023, over 70% of all projects running on the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform support digital currencies, and 15% of monthly payments are made in crypto. CryptoProcessing by CoinsPaid acts as a payment provider, ensuring SOFTSWISS’ Crypto Casino Solution an exceptionally high payment throughput close to 100%.

According to Max Trofimovich, CCO at SOFTSWISS, digital coin integration is not only a trend but also a strategic imperative in the iGaming industry. Trofimovich believes the key value of cryptocurrency lies in its ability to break through traditional payment barriers, offering players a secure and efficient financial experience. 

To address the emerging user demand, the in-game currency conversion feature was launched in 2022, allowing players with crypto-assets to participate in games originally designed for fiat. A year after the launch, 85% of all bets in crypto casinos running on the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform were made using this feature. 

It’s worth noting that crypto-centric solutions seem more promising than ever at the end of 2023. According to the iGaming Trends Report 2024, crypto payments are becoming a long-term trend with a profound impact on the dynamics of online gambling ecosystems.

Author: Evgeny Tarasov
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