Mirror World developers unveiled a new software package to launch Web3 gaming applications on the Solana blockchain quickly. The initiative will provide accelerated transactions and high performance for GameFi apps.

Sonic SDK for Developing GameFi Applications on Solana Released

The Mirror World team revealed the launch of Sonic, a Solana Virtual Machine (SVM)-based software development kit (SDK) that will enable fast and efficient deployment of gaming Web3 apps on the Solana blockchain.

Sonic is based on HyperGrid, a technology the Mirror World team developed that allows GameFi platforms to create their own gateways and DEXs to interact with the Solana network. Sonic supports over 50 game clients as initial distribution nodes. 

Sonic provides built-in infrastructure for in-game payments, user engagement tools, and other technologies needed to create Web3 games. The SDK is deployed in three popular GameFi apps: Mahjong Meta, Matr1x Fire, and Seraph/ActozSoft.

Mirror World is a Web3 application development platform that forms a decentralized ecosystem of autonomous game worlds. The platform helps devs deploy, develop, and monetize blockchain gaming projects.

According to Chris Zhu, CEO of Mirror World, the initiative aims to simplify the development and monetization of gaming apps in the Web3 space. He also assured that Sonic will enable the expansion of Solana’s existing GameFi ecosystem and the processing of millions of requests per second. 

The Web3 gaming segment is actively developing. The most prominent representatives of the gaming industry are implementing blockchain. Analysts forecast that the blockchain gaming market can reach $615 billion by 2030.

Author: Nataly Antonenko
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