Nearly half of crypto game devs believe that one of the main drivers for developing the GameFi sector is Web3 adoption by traditional game studios. 

Traditional Game Studios Help GameFi Sector Grow

Among blockchain game developers, 37.8% believe that traditional game studios launching new Web3 projects or applying blockchain to existing games will be one of the main drivers of GameFi industry development in 2024. Such data is provided by a large-scale research report conducted by the Blockchain Gaming Alliance (BGA). 

The study surveyed 526 blockchain gaming professionals between August and October 2023. Approximately 35% of all respondents said that the industry was already getting a boost from traditional game studios beginning to embrace Web technologies. Specifically, 19.8% of developers expressed that Web2 studios launching games with non-fungible tokens were the key driver of the GameFi sector in 2023, while 15.2% indicated a complete shift of traditional studios to Web3 projects. 

Over half of the respondents believe that in 2024, more than 20% of the global gaming industry, estimated at $347 billion, will be in some way related to blockchain. According to a recent Fortune Business Insights report, the global Web3 gaming market could exceed $600 billion by 2030.

Author: Mark Wallerstein
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