Of all the cryptocurrencies collected as donations to Ukraine amid the conflict with Russia, the first cryptocurrency, as well as DAI and USDT stablecoins, are most actively used. 

Ukraine Most Actively Uses Donations in Bitcoin and Stablecoins

In a weekly report, Coin Metrics analysts looked at the state of crypto accounts where donations to Ukraine are accumulated. As the data from open sources shows, the Ukrainian leadership is most active in using funds in BTC, DAI and USDT stablecoins. 

At the same time, the collected DOGE remains untouched. ETH and DOT are practically not used. Among the stablecoins, Ethereum-based USDC was unclaimed. There is no exact data on how exactly the incoming funds are spent. According to a rough estimate, about $100 million has already been collected in various cryptocurrencies to support Ukraine against the backdrop of the military conflict with Russia.

Author: Evgeny Tarasov
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