U.S. to Open Large Nuclear-Powered BTC Mining Center

The first U.S. data center with a direct connection to a nuclear power plant was finally built in Northeastern Pennsylvania. It’s expected to be home to BTC mining equipment with a capacity of 50 MW.

U.S. to Mine BTC with Nuclear Power

American company Cumulus Data, a subsidiary of independent power producer Talen Energy, announced the completion of building Cumulus Susquehanna, the first data center in the U.S. fully powered by nuclear power. This was reported by the local media.

The center is 300,000 square feet (~91 km²). With a direct connection to the Susquehanna nuclear power plant, the center will have a capacity of 475 MW. A separate 1,200-acre (~485-hectare) campus at the center is expected to begin operations for BTC mining and cloud computing in Q1 2023. The mining facilities will have a total capacity of 50 MW. 

Recall that over the past two years, the share of nuclear electricity in the overall consumption of the Bitcoin network more than doubled. Almost 60% of the electricity for BTC mining comes from “green” sources.

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