A group of editors of the free encyclopedia has voted and found that the prevailing view is that NFTs cannot represent a form of art. 

Wikipedia Votes Against Recognizing NFTs as Art

At the end of 2021, Wikipedia began debating and surveying the most expensive art sales and NFT art sales. Participants discussed whether a successful multi-million dollar NFT deal counted as an “art sale.”

Much of the discussion was focused on whether an NFT is still art or simply a token separate from the notion of “true art.” 

The final vote showed that most Wikipedia editors were not yet ready to include NFTs in the Art Sales section. As a result, it was decided on January 12 to remove the mention of sales such as Pak’s NFT collection ($91 million) and Beeple’s $69 million NFT from the top art sales list.

Representatives of Wikipedia assure that they will return to discuss the situation later, once they have more information.

Author: Ekaterina Palianova