ICOs of September 2023

September is gearing up to be a busy month for the crypto industry, providing unique opportunities for investors and crypto enthusiasts. About 30 projects from different sectors of the crypto market have scheduled ICOs for the first month of fall. This is a great chance for investors to join early-stage projects.

CP Media has prepared a list of ICOs expected in September and selected a few of the most interesting projects for a more thorough review. We’ve divided the list by sector, and within each sector, we’ve taken a detailed look at one project we find most interesting. 

Note: The information below doesn’t contain financial, investment, or trading advice. CP Media strongly recommends doing your own research before deciding to participate in any of the listed ICOs.

We also advise you to read the checklist that can help you analyze the proposed projects.

DeFi Sector ICOs Planned for September

ICOs of September 2023

September will feature Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) conducted by a number of decentralized finance sector projects showcasing innovative ideas and technological solutions.

NameBrief descriptionTokenNetwork, token standardPriceTokens available for purchase, %
Manilla FinanceA DeFi protocol for paying bills using cryptocurrencies with a built-in DEXMNLABNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.0413%
Solak GPT A decentralized Web3 browserSGPTBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.00722.5%
SpinA multi-chain DEXSPFINEAR$0.0536.5%
O-MEEAn NFT marketplaceOMEEthereum (ERC20)$0.05
Muon NetworkA decentralized network of oraclesMUONEthereum (ERC20)
Themis A decentralized lending protocolTMSEthereum (ERC20)

Manilla Finance

Website: https://presale.manilla.finance/home

Date: September 1 — October 15.

A DeFi protocol for paying for various services using cryptocurrencies. At first, the app will be available in Canada, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Later, the project is planned to cover an additional 140 countries around the world.

Through the Manilla Finance app, it will be possible to use the cryptocurrency for:

  • paying electricity and water bills;
  • funding accounts of over 800 mobile operators;
  • buying or exchanging gift cards from Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Nintendo, Xbox, and others;
  • booking hotels and airline tickets;
  • buying tickets to movies or other events;
  • paying for taxis, etc.


The project opens a crowdsale of the native token MNLA, which is key to the functioning of the entire ecosystem. The token gives access to different services and provides various benefits, including a share of the platform’s profits, discounts, and other perks. 

The MNLA token distribution:

  • Seed. The token pool for investors who will support the project at its early development stages will be 5.5%.
  • Private. Private investors who invest in the project at earlier stages are also allocated 5.5% of the total offering.
  • Public/IEO. 2% of tokens will be allocated for sale on the exchange at launch.
  • Liquidity & Listing. 8.5% of tokens will be allocated to provide liquidity on the exchange during the listing process.
  • Marketing. 15% will be allocated for advertising and promotion of the project.
  • Reserve. 30% is set aside to fund the future development of the project.
  • Staking rewards. To reward users who participate in staking and maintain the network, 12.5% of the total offer is allocated.
  • Team. 15% of tokens will remain at the disposal of the project team to pay salaries and hire new specialists.
  • Advisors. 6% will be allocated to remunerate advisors and experts assisting the project.

As part of the ICO, the company plans to sell 130,000,000,000 tokens, which is 13% of the total offering of 1,000,000,000,000. 

The goal of the crowdsale is to raise $4.3 million.

Project Features

The project roadmap envisions the creation of:

  • A P2P exchange. The project is developing a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that will support tokens of Binance, Ethereum, and Solana networks.
  • Manilla Card. Users get access to the Manilla debit card, which allows for transactions with crypto without bank fees.
  • Staking and lending services. MNLA holders will be able to deposit tokens to earn up to 15% in annual returns, participate in a profit-sharing program, and receive an interest-free loan against their collateral.

Blockchain Sector ICOs Planned for September

ICOs of September 2023

Several new blockchain projects also plan to raise funding through ICOs in September.

NameBrief descriptionTokenNetwork, token standardPriceTokens available for purchase, %
Backstage A blockchain platform for organizing eventsBKSEthereum (ERC20)$0.0219%
LightLinkA Layer 2 protocol for EthereumLLEthereum (ERC20)$0.0622.5%
PatexA blockchain network for Latin American usersPATEXEthereum (ERC20)$134.5%


Website: https://patex.io/

The Patex Network ecosystem is an end-to-end blockchain solution for the Latin America region, with the primary goal of expanding access to cryptocurrencies and supporting the Web3 economy in the region.

Patex is a Layer 2 protocol for Ethereum based on the Optimism network’s fork. The network maintains a centralized infrastructure and cooperates with local government agencies and regulators, enabling the issuance of CBDCs and other digital currencies in Latin America.

The project team consists of crypto and business experts, including former employees of Binance, Huobi, and Crypto.com.


PATEX is the ecosystem’s native token and provides a variety of opportunities and benefits to its holders, among which are:

  • voting rights in decision-making related to the development of the ecosystem;
  • payment of trading commissions on the embedded CEX;
  • access to exclusive content on Patex Campus;
  • discounts on Career Guidance.

The team expects to sell about 34.5% of tokens during the crowdsale process. 

The PATEX token distribution:

  • Community — 840,000 tokens (10.5%);
  • Promo — 200,000 tokens (2.5%);
  • Advisors — 600,000 tokens (7.5%);
  • Team — 500,000 tokens (6.25%);
  • Marketing — 15 million tokens (18.75%);
  • Liquidity — 1 million tokens (12.5%);
  • Ecosystem — 600,000 tokens (7.5%);
  • Private Sale — 1.2 million tokens (15%);
  • KOLs round — 500,000 tokens (6.25%);
  • IDO — 1.06 million tokens (13.25%).

Project Features

As stated in the roadmap, the Patex ecosystem involves the creation of a number of services, including:

  • C-Patex Exchange — a centralized exchange that provides a wide range of tools for trading cryptocurrencies in the Latin America region. 
  • Patex Explorer — a tool to access various transaction details for specific addresses or other information about the network, designed to provide transparency and openness to the ecosystem. Patex Explorer will facilitate easy and convenient access to data to help users and analysts study the activity and dynamics of the Patex network.
  • Patex Bridge — a solution that enables cross-chain swaps, providing the ability to exchange tokens between different blockchain networks without the need to interact with third-party centralized exchanges.
  • Patex Wallet — a non-custodial crypto wallet for cross-chain transactions that can store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies both on the Patex network and other blockchain networks.
  • Proof Of Value — a reward system within the Patex Network. A reward of 0.01 PATEX is divided proportionally among all validators for each block of transactions.
  • Patex Campus — an educational platform for Latin American residents. As part of the initiative, anyone wishing to acquire basic knowledge about blockchain technologies, CBDCs, and security in the digital space will be able to attend Crypto Literacy courses, while those interested in professional development in the field can attend Career Guidance courses.

Gaming Sector ICOs Planned for September

ICOs of September 2023

The gaming sector is the most active in the planned ICOs. Almost a dozen GameFi projects intend to raise funds through token sales in September.

NameBrief descriptionTokenNetwork, token standardPriceTokens available for purchase, %
3Verse A Web3 game with PFP NFT elementsVERSEthereum (ERC20)$0.02524%
Legends of ElysiumA F2P NFT card gameLOEBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.0527.5%
CodyfightA Web3 RPG gameCTOKEthereum (ERC20)$0.08
Civitas A P2E NFT multiplayer gameCITIEthereum (ERC20)
MetaClashA multiplayer blockchain gamePCOREBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.00075
Animalia An NFT card gameANIMBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.146%
Nyan HeroesA P2E shooter gameNYNSOLANA
Citizen ConflictA P2E shooter gameCCASHBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.0719%
Moverse An AI-based M2E appMOVEEthereum (ERC20)$0.000240%


Website: https://animalia.games/

A free-to-play P2E card game that offers the opportunity to collect NFT collectibles on the BNB blockchain network. The cards in Animalia are designed in the style of famous memes such as Doge, Shiba Inu, Pepe, and others. 

Animalia’s gameplay features collecting rare cards, creating unique NFT items, battling other players, and building an in-game world.


The Animalia project uses a unique dual tokenomics consisting of the native token ANIM and the utility token PHL. 

ANIM is the main trading currency players can use to purchase new in-game assets on the built-in marketplace. ANIM is also the project’s DAO governance token. ANIM holders can stake coins and receive rewards for supporting the ecosystem.

The team plans to sell about 15% of ANIM tokens as part of the ICO, which will be unlocked on a predetermined schedule lasting more than 32 months from the public sale:

  • Seed Sales — 7,826,400 coins (7%);
  • Private Sales — 18,587,700 coins (17%);
  • Public Sales — 6,195,900 coins (6%);
  • Liquidity Pool — 8,696,000 coins (8%);
  • Ecosystem — 32,610,000 coins (30%);
  • Marketing — 14,131,000 coins (13%);
  • Exchanges — 4,348,000 coins (4%);
  • Advisor — 3,261,000 coins (3%);
  • Team — 13,044,000 coins (12%).

Project Features

According to the roadmap, the project will allow for the creation of unique customizable skins, map templates, and items for inclusion in the game. For this purpose, the project team has developed Animalia Workshop, a special web platform for NFT artists. After creating new game cards, creators can put them up for voting in the DAO, and the community will make a collective decision to include them in the gameplay. Once approved, the card can be sold on the built-in marketplace, and the NFT author can earn royalties.

Platform Sector ICOs Planned for September

ICOs of September 2023

Several crowdsales by projects offering innovative Web3-based platforms are also scheduled for September.

NameBrief descriptionTokenNetwork, token standardPriceTokens available for purchase, %
Virtual VersionsAn AI-based digital identity platformVVEthereum (ERC20)$0.00728%
GMatrixsA Web3 platform for publishing and distributing games, similar to SteamGMSEthereum (ERC20)$114%
Tago VerseA blockchain platform for psychological careTAGOBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.02819%
Neptune MutualA decentralized insurance protocol for EthereumNPMBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.23
KvantsAI A blockchain platform for asset management and trading strategy selectionKVNTBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.015 19%
Health HeroA blockchain platform to support a healthy lifestyleHLTHYBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.0410%
Cookie3 A marketing analytics platform for Web3 usersCOOKIEEthereum (ERC20)$0.14
Metapotamians A MetaverseMTPBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.0611.62%

Virtual Versions

Website: https://www.virtualversions.xyz/

A next-gen social platform that provides an innovative solution for digital identity creation and management. 

Using AI-powered avatar generation technology, Virtual Versions allows users to create 3D avatars that fully reflect their unique features and style. The platform’s functionality provides users with the ability to customize the details of avatars’ appearance and clothing.

The created digital doppelgangers and all related assets remain the full property of the user. With Virtual Versions, users will be able to undergo online identity authentication in a variety of settings, from the Web 2.0 space to virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality.


The VV token plays a major role in the project’s ecosystem. Token holders will have access to a host of extra features and capabilities within the platform, including:

  • priority access to new features;
  • early access to limited edition avatars;
  • participation in platform management decisions.

The project roadmap shows that the team plans to reach an agreement to collaborate with other decentralized applications in the digital identity ecosystem and integrate the VV token into their work. 

As part of the ICO, the team expects to sell about 28% of the token, 5% of which will be sold to investors in the early stages of fundraising. Another 8% will be distributed to private investors and 15% in the public round. 

The VV token distribution:

  • liquidity maintenance — 15.92%;
  • rewards and farming — 14.93%;
  • the project team development — 12.94%;
  • private funding round — 11.94%;
  • marketing purposes — 11.94%;
  • treasury — 11.94%;
  • public sales round + KOLs round — 9.95%;
  • advisors — 5.97%;
  • seed round — 4.48%.

Project Features

In addition to creating digital doppelgangers, Virtual Versions allows users to participate in a comprehensive social ecosystem — VV Social. This is an app where users can create content using their 3D avatars and then monetize the data by collaborating with various brands.

The marketing strategy of Virtual Versions involves recruiting an extensive network of key opinion leaders, influencers, and YouTube bloggers, as well as partnering with major fashion brands to create unique clothing items for 3D avatars.

Author: Nataly Antonenko