34% of UK Crypto Investors Are Women

More than a third of investors in the Foggy Albion who are already investing or plan to invest in cryptocurrencies are women. 

34% of UK Crypto Investors Are Women

According to a study by social trading platform eToro, 34% of women in the UK are willing to invest in crypto or already own cryptocurrency assets. 

The study involved 9.500 active female eToro users, a third of whom were willing to invest in crypto. Based on the details, the most popular investment assets are: 

  • stocks (40%);
  • cryptocurrencies (34%);
  • domestic bonds (32%).

Women surveyed said the main reasons they invest are to increase income, improve their lifestyle, generate a one-off payment, attain financial independence and secure a good life for themselves in their old age. 

While some experts believe it is now better to invest in renewable energy and stocks of major companies such as Meta, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Alphabet, women said they lack role models in the field and follow advice from their social circle. Let us remind you that the gender imbalance is still relevant to the crypto industry. In May 2021, analysts at BDC Consulting determined that 5% to 26% of all investors in the crypto market are women. According to CoinMarketCap, the number of female users increased by 43% in Q1 2020, and researchers from Robinhood reported a 7x increase in the number of female crypto traders in 2021.

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