The demand for virtual land outpaced all other NFT assets over the past week. 

A New Trend: Virtual Land in The Metaverse

There were more than $300 million in NFT sales over the last week, according to NonFungible. Almost a quarter of that amount has been for digital lands in The Sandbox metaverse.

Trading volumes of virtual lands in the five largest virtual realities last week: 

  1. The Sandbox sold 4,433 assets for $70,5 million.
  2. Decentraland sold 399 assets for $6,6 million.
  3. CryptoVoxels sold 81 assets for $650,000.
  4. Somnium Space sold 40 assets for $492,000.
  5. SuperWorld sold 506 assets for $227,600.

Over the last week, according to DappRadar, approximately $106 million worth of virtual land was sold among more than 6,000 users. 

On NFT marketplace Opensea, Sandbox and Decentraland virtual lands have been the most popular assets over the past week. 

Author: Evgeny Tarasov
#Metaverse #NFT