A three-day hackathon dedicated to blockchain development will take place in Georgia. The prize fund is $10,000, and registration is already open. 

BNB Chain to Host National Hackathon in Georgia with GITA

Blockchain network BNB Chain announced a national hackathon in Georgia. The project partner is Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA). The event starts today, March 17, and will last until March 19, inclusive. The main locations will be technoparks in Tbilisi and Batumi. 

The event is primarily for developers, who will get a chance to communicate and meet new people in an interesting way, but most importantly, to practice their skills in the Web3 sphere. Participation is free, and registration is open to all comers. 

The participants will have two practical challenges: 

  1. dStreaming. The creation of a peer-to-peer platform for decentralized video streaming without the involvement of intermediaries.  
  2. Web3 Reputation. The development of a framework for decentralized protocols to implement a ranking system for users based on NFTs and ranking algorithms. 

Teams of up to five people will work on the projects. At the end of the allotted development time, teams will need to submit a five-minute product demo video, a slide presentation of the project, and a link to the project’s code repository on GitHub. The judging will be done by an expert jury, evaluating the complexity of the technology, UI design, achievement of goals, and the team’s efforts to expand their knowledge. 

The development of dStreaming and Web3 Reputation will be judged separately. There’ll be a $2,500 award for first place in the creation of one of the products, a $1,500 award for second place, and a $1,000 award for third place. Distinguished hackathon participants will also receive special gifts from BNB Chain and continued access to developer programs. The winners will be announced at the closing ceremony on March 19.

The hackathon will also include master classes and workshops by leading Web3 developers devoted to the creation of decentralized apps and the peculiarities of working in the BNB Chain network. 

According to the organizers, the hackathon in Georgia is aimed to become another step in the blockchain industry and crypto community development in the region, as well as to identify and support talented young developers and entrepreneurs. One of the goals of the recent Binance Meetup was the practical realization of hackathons in technoparks in Georgia.

Author: Evgeny Tarasov
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