Chinese tech companies will create a Metaverse to allow soccer fans to watch FIFA 2022 World Cup matches live in virtual space.

China Shows FIFA World Cup in Metaverse

Migu, a Chinese video streaming platform, will create the Metaverse space for users to watch live streams of the FIFA World Cup matches in Qatar through VR headsets. This was reported by the state media Global Times.

As part of the initiative, the VR headset manufacturer Pico Interactive Inc., a subsidiary of ByteDance, allows soccer fans to visit “digital rooms” in virtual space to watch the game together.

You Xi, Co-Founder of the Kandong app, believes that the World Cup will attract many Internet users and that using the Metaverse space to broadcast it will allow Chinese tech companies to test the latest VR technology. 

The PRC’s efforts in this area are part of a five-year plan released by the Chinese government in early November this year. China’s ambitious plan aims to boost the country’s VR industry.

Author: Ana Bustos García
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