CoinsPaid Became Target of Dubious “Investigation” 

CoinsPaid, the leading payment service provider in the cryptocurrency market, was subjected to an information attack by a dubious online publication. 

CoinsPaid Became Target of Dubious “Investigation”

CryptoProcessing by CoinsPaid became the target of an “investigation” by FinTelegram, an American portal that bills itself as a “financial intelligence service.” The essence of the “investigation” consisted of publishing a number of questionable facts and suggesting users to send messages about CoinsPaid “via their whistleblower system.” 

The facts were presented in a context that discredits the reputation of CoinsPaid. Moreover, the Estonian publication Geenius Meedia published an article based on FinTelegram’s “investigation,” making those facts even more objectionable. 

The publication of this material looks like a well-planned information attack on CoinsPaid, which operates under an Estonian license. CoinsPaid Media asked the management for comments directly. 

In brief, here are CoinsPaid’s main talking points on the matter: 

  1. The mentioned fraudulent project Global Trader did use the CryptoProcessing service. It managed to make only one transaction worth less than $50. Then its activity was detected to be questionable and disconnected from the system. 
  2. The key facts in both materials are also false. The semantic emphases intentionally distort the perception of unreliable facts, besmirching CoinsPaid’s reputation. 
  3. Andrei Koposov, mentioned in the “investigation,” tragically died a month before its release. It is hard to comment on such insinuations when we still cope with grief and loss. Leaving aside the ethical side of the issue, using Andrei’s name clearly speaks to the level of fact-checking done by the authors of both materials. 

What is typical, the authors of the pieces mentioned above did not contact the CoinsPaid representatives for comments. In such a way, they could have aimed to promote their personal brand via a fake scandal involving the industry leader, but it looks more like the publication of such “investigations” is a planned information attack on the CoinsPaid brand. 

Recall that in the spring of 2022, CryptoProcessing by CoinsPaid took the lead among crypto processors in terms of processed transactions, as Max Krupyshev, CEO of the company, said during the AMA session. Additionally, CoinsPaid pursues a policy of complete openness, which is typical for Web 3.0 in general. 

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