15,000 CPD Giveaway by CoinsPaid

Users are invited to participate in a giveaway of CPD tokens, which are the nexus of the entire CoinsPaid ecosystem. 

CoinsPaid Gives Away 15,000 CPD

CoinsPaid announced a giveaway. There are 15,000 CPD tokens to be raffled off. Participants need to: 

  1. Join CoinsPaid’s Telegram chat.
  2. Follow CoinsPaid on Twitter.
  3. Repost the giveaway post on Twitter and tag three friends. 

The prize money will be divided between five people randomly chosen by the generator. Each winner will get 3,000 CPD. The giveaway will close at 10:00 a.m. (UTC+1) on Monday, February 27. Winners will be chosen the same day at 15:00 (UTC+1). 

The CPD token has the ERC-20 standard and can be used within CoinsPaid’s products. For example, token holders receive a 50% discount on fees when processing transactions in the CoinsPaid wallet. Moreover, a liquidity pool was launched in 2022 for yield farming on the MDEX decentralized exchange via CPD. 

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