Crypto Forecasts, Opinions on LUNA Growth & Congo Situation, and More 

We’ve compiled for you our traditional digest of this week’s content released on CoinsPaid Media. Stay tuned for useful articles, plan your calendar, and attend crypto events with us. The week was full of columns from our regular authors and insightful articles from the Academy section. 

Crypto Forecasts, Opinions on LUNA Growth & Congo Situation, and More 

Why Would Congo Sell Oil and Gas Fields to Crypto Companies?

If you monitor the industry on the African continent, you’ll be interested to hear our author’s thoughts on why the Democratic Republic of the Congo offers crypto companies to buy oil fields.

Has the Crypto Market Gone into Bear Hibernation?

As expected, we discussed the market situation with experts at the beginning of the month. What do experts predict for September? Do we expect new lows, or can we hope for the stabilization of cryptocurrency rates? So many men, so many minds. But we’ve collected some of the most interesting and provocative ones for you. Check them out and make your own predictions. 

Pump and Dump: Gray Transactions 101

While the market’s numbers are disappointing, it’s time to repeat things you learned long ago or discover something new. We break down what a Pump and Dump scheme is and give comprehensive characteristics and examples in the Academy material. 

Why Is LUNC Rising, and Will It Continue Growing? 

If there were a TV series about tokens, the LUNA story would be as popular as Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The topic is hot, and our regular author Chen Limin has a lot to say. Follow the link and find out how the token, which experienced its most spectacular crash in six months, could quadruple in value and what’s next for it. 

Oh, and here are three little bonuses for those actively participating in offline networking and devoting the lion’s share of their time to attending crypto events. 

Next Block Expo.

Bitcoin Amsterdam.

Blockchain Expo North America.

By the way, if you can’t attend an event, most of them host online streams. You can find out how to join them from our materials and by following the links to the official websites. 

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