We continue to share the relocation experience of IT specialists. This time, blockchain startup XDAO is telling its story. Moreover, we’re going to describe some crypto scam methods, discuss cryptocurrency anonymity and look at some events coming in May. 

Scams, Anonymity, Events & Relocation to Bali

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  1. Top 5 Crypto Scam Methods

The cryptocurrency industry draws all kinds of scammers: from hackers to usual crooks. You should be vigilant and know your enemy not to become their victim. We prepared the material on the most widespread cryptocurrency fraud schemes for you.  

  1. Anonymous Crypto Community: Why Nobody Discloses Their Names and How Dangerous Is It?

Cryptocurrency was initially appealing to many with its mystique aura and the ability to leave minimal digital footprints. The myth about crypto anonymity is still widespread, but it has some basis in fact. Aaron Chomsky speaks about why many crypto community members remain anonymous and its consequences in his column.  

  1. The XDAO Team: Relocation to Indonesia

We continue our short series about IT professionals moving to countries with a “genial climate.” Now it’s time for the XDAO team members to share their experience. The guys moved from Moscow to Ubud, an Indonesian city located in the highlands of Bali. 

  1. 38 Major Crypto Events in May 2022

In May, the crypto community is going to be buzzing with meetings, conferences, symposiums, forums, exhibitions and other event formats that involve opportunities to share experiences, present their products, make new acquaintances and simply expand their understanding of the cryptocurrency industry. We’ve compiled a list of 38 major crypto events to attend in May 2022.

Author: Evgeny Tarasov
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