CoinsPaid Presents Educational Crypto Course 

CoinsPaid invites everyone to take a free educational course on cryptocurrencies prepared by CP Media. 

Educational Course on Cryptocurrencies by CoinsPaid & CP Media

CP Media prepared an educational course for CoinsPaid. The course program is designed for a full immersion into cryptocurrency topics. The course will be equally interesting for those who have no knowledge about cryptocurrencies and those who already have a certain idea about this sphere but would like to expand it. 

We initially planned to prepare an educational course for internal use to raise awareness of cryptocurrencies in general, their history, features of use, and basic technologies of the blockchain industry among our employees. But the result turned out to be so awesome that we wanted to share this course with everyone interested. Besides, we have a lot of partners who will find it useful. On top of that, high-quality educational materials promote the development of the crypto market, which is also something we are interested in,” commented Max Krupyshev, CEO of CoinsPaid, on the release of the course.  

The educational course is named Cryptocurrency Academy by CoinsPaid and contains six lessons. Here’s a brief summary of their content: 

  1. The history of cryptocurrencies and the cryptocurrency market development. 
  2. Blockchain as the fundamental technology for any cryptocurrency.  
  3. Features of cryptocurrencies, their functions, and types. 
  4. Principles of cryptocurrency wallets. 
  5. Smart contracts, principles of their work, and specifics of application. 
  6. Legal restrictions on cryptocurrencies. 

Cryptocurrency Academy by CoinsPaid is in English. It’s available to everyone for free on Udemy: 

Last April, CP Media presented a similar educational program that will also be useful for anyone who wants to get the basic knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

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