A new bill in Rhode Island aims to encourage citizens to use renewable energy sources with a “green token.”

“Green Tokens” to Help Utility Decentralization in Rhode Island

The US House of Representatives in Rhode Island has introduced a new bill to encourage the use of solar panels and geothermal generators in new homes in the state. A special “green token” is proposed to motivate homeowners using green energy sources.

Lawmakers emphasize that there has been a significant shortage of houses in the state over the past few years. State officials are concerned about the prospects of environmental degradation in the region due to the construction of new homes. That’s why a decision was made to encourage the use of green energy sources in the construction of homes so that centralized heat and power would be secondary.

House Representative Carlos Tobon clarified that blockchain technology will be used for the incentives. Homeowners will be rewarded with special crypto-assets known as “green tokens.” This incentive is planned to be extended over time to other green initiatives in the state, which will allow the assets to grow in value.

Tobon said there are still a significant amount of details to work out and several changes to the bill before the first hearing. However, he hopes to present a final version of the document by mid-June.

Blockchain technology has been used in utility projects in North America before. The mining company MintGreen, for example, plans to provide heat to North Vancouver residents by the winter of 2022.

Author: Ana Bustos García
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