Horizon Worlds Reached 300.000 Active Users

Horizon Worlds Reached 300.000 Active Users

Meta’s social VR platform Horizon Worlds has seen a 10x increase in its user base in three months.  

According to media reports, Chris Cox, CIO of Horizon Worlds, said during an online meeting with employees that the platform has reached 300.000 active users. Thus, three months after the launch of Horizon Worlds for Headset Quest in the US and Canada, the project’s audience has grown tenfold.

Meta spokesperson Joe Osborne confirmed the stat and clarified that it included users of Horizon Venues, a separate app for organizing events in virtual reality based on Horizon Worlds. At the same time, users of Horizon Workrooms service were not included.

The company’s representatives shared data that users have already created more than 10.000 worlds within the Horizon Worlds platform. A private Facebook group for content creators numbers more than 20.000 participants. 

The growth of user audience occurred after Meta Quest 2 app was advertised during the Super Bowl broadcast, the final game of the US National Football League. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO, previously stated that the corporation planned to launch a mobile version of Horizon Worlds. As conceived by the developers, it would have to compete with the game app Rec Room. The latter has a monthly user base of 37 million, and the app is available on consoles, cell phones and virtual reality devices.

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