CP Media’s Lead Designer and Art Director of the NFT collection Millennials answered one of the most popular questions at the company’s stand at iGB Live!

How to Buy CP Media Millennials NFT Collection?

The presentation of CP Media’s NFT collection Millennials is taking place in Amsterdam at booth N14 at the iGB Live! conference. One of the most frequent questions that the project team receives is: “How can I buy NFTs from the Millennials collection?” Mike, CP Media’s Lead Designer and Art Director, is here to answer it. 

CP Media publishes the main talking points: 

  1. The CP Media Millennials collection is available on the Rarible platform. 
  2. To buy tokens, you need to register on the platform and link an Ethereum crypto wallet to your account. The list of compatible wallets includes more than 50 different apps, with MetaMask, Trezor, Exodus, Ledger, Opera, and other wallets among the most popular ones. 
  3. A total of 20 tokens were issued with 20 copies of each. The price of the NFT is 0.011 ETH (~$20) plus a few dollars in fees. To successfully make a purchase, you must have the required amount of ETH in your account. 

The purchase process boils down to a few steps: 

  1. Choose the token you like and click the “Buy now” button. 
  2. Conduct the transaction from the wallet connected to the service. 
  3. Done! You now own the NFT from the CP Media Millennials collection. 

What to do with the token? Enjoy it, put it in galleries, share it with your friends, use it as an avatar, or try to resell it. It’s important to note that this isn’t investment advice, but a statement of the actual opportunities available to NFT holders. 

CP Media Millennials is the NFT collection created by the online publication CoinsPaid Media. The project was prepared by CP Media’s designers and three independent digital artists. The collection is a joint creative reflection of those who grew up in the late ’90s and early 2000s. That’s why it features chips, bottle caps, cards with characters from movies and TV series, Tamagotchi, and other symbols of that era. 

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Author: Evgeny Tarasov
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