The team behind the cross- and on-chain aggregator Rubic introduced Best Rate Finder, a MetaMask extension that allows users to compare crypto exchange rates across more than 200 decentralized exchanges (DEX) in real-time.

How to Compare Crypto Prices on 200+ DEXs with MetaMask?

Rubic Exchange, the largest aggregator of DEXs and cross-chain bridges, connecting over 70 different blockchain networks, unveiled the revolutionary MetaMask Snap — Best Rate Finder. The extension enables users to select the best conditions for a transaction by aggregating real-time crypto price information from a vast number of decentralized exchanges.

MetaMask Snaps are plugins developed by third-party developers, significantly expanding the base functionality of the MetaMask crypto wallet.

The Best Rate Finder functionality allows users to access data from over 200 well-known DEXs for more than 15,000 different tokens. All data is aggregated by Rubic on a special extension tab within the MetaMask wallet, forming a universal swap market that saves traders time and money.

Furthermore, Best Rate Finder will greatly enhance the MetaMask user experience, as they’ll be able to choose the most favorable swap conditions directly in the wallet interface, while confirming transactions on decentralized exchanges. This solution will help users better navigate the huge number of DEXs existing in the DeFi ecosystem.

Alexandra Korneva, Co-Founder of Rubic, said in a press release that at the first stage, Best Rate Finder will focus on finding the most favorable offers within a single blockchain. However, in the future, its functionality will also cover cross-chain swaps, considerably expanding trading opportunities for users.

MetaMask was recognized by experts as the safest cryptocurrency wallet, after which its developers further refined and automated the security breach alert system during transactions.

Author: Evgeny Tarasov
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