Investors Started Buying Crypto

Crypto investors have shifted from massive sales to buying digital assets. 

Santiment analysts pointed out that investors began to buy the dip. The largest spike in January of such attitudes was noted in the chart of social signals to buy cryptocurrencies. 

According to analysts, investors shifted sharply from moods dictated by fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) amid a market decline to those driven by fear of missing out (FOMO). Recall that Bitcoin entered a severe correction phase on Friday, January 21, and has since lost more than 12% of its value. Following the first cryptocurrency, all major altcoins from the top 20 were in the red zone. The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market has shrunk by more than $325 billion in four days. The crypto Fear and Greed Index is at the level of 12, which corresponds to the state of “extreme fear.”

Author: Evgeny Tarasov
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