A solo miner, who remained anonymous, mined block #721.310 in the Bitcoin network. 

Lone Miner Mined the Fourth Block of Bitcoin in 2022

A lone solo miner, a member of the CKPool service, was lucky enough to mine block #721.310 in the Bitcoin network. He was congratulated on his success by the service administrator, Con Kolivas. Miner’s reward, including commission, was approximately 6.284 BTC (~$244.611 at the time of mining).

It’s worth specifying that although it was a lone miner, the capacity of the equipment at his disposal was approximately 1.14 PH/s. For example, such a performance may provide a farm of 11 ASICs Antminer S19j Pro from Bitmain.

According to Con Kolivas, at the time of mining, the probability that some of the participants of CKPool would get a block was about 20%. The peculiarity of this “mining pool” is that it is not a pool in the direct sense but a service that allows single miners to mine directly on the main Bitcoin node while remaining anonymous. In total, the members of the association have mined 264 blocks. This is already the fourth case since the beginning of the year — blocks were mined this way on the 11th, 13th, and 21st of January. We wrote about one of them in more detail. All miners are CKPool members. According to BTC.com, the total Bitcoin pool bitrate is only 0.23% as of February 2.

UPD: Mikhael Jerlis, CEO of EMCD, commented on the situation for us:

“Judging by the project’s GitHub, the service on which solo miners find blocks is a pool of common mining, though the website lists different information. You need to understand that in this case, “a lone miner with low processing power found a block in solo” is not a completely true statement. The block was found “on a pool of common paid mining in Solo mode by a miner with low power.” Still, he was not the only one involved in searching for the block on that pool. This means that the power of all miners to find the block is summed up, but only the miner who found the block receives the reward. This system distinguishes mining pools with payment in Solo mode from pools with PPS or FPPS payment mode, where a miner receives the reward regardless of whether he found a block or not. The PPS and FPPS payment systems are more suitable for businesses because they eliminate such a lottery game.”
Author: Evgeny Tarasov
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