Meta’s crypto and blockchain projects will be developed rapidly in 2022.

Meta Will Accelerate Work on Blockchain Projects

Meta’s cryptocurrency and blockchain projects will be developed at an accelerated pace in 2022. This is reported by The New York Times, citing a corporate letter by Andrew Bosworth, Meta’s vice president of AR/VR. 

The company plans to focus on projects in Web 3.0, NFTs, DAOs, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Specific projects are not mentioned in the letter, but one of the initiative’s main goals is deep blockchain compatibility. 

Among the already known Meta’s crypto projects is the Novi wallet, which has recently been integrated into WhatsApp and is actively being tested. In addition, the NYT notes that Meta’s board of directors includes Marc Andreessen, who co-founded the Andreessen Horowitz Venture Fund. The fund actively invests in developing technical solutions in the Web 3.0 sphere.

Author: Alex Golovakha
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