Metaverse Could Change Social Interaction

About 70% of users believe that Metaverse projects could globally change the way people approach online entertainment and social interaction on the Internet.

The Metaverse could change the social interaction of people

Analysts of CoinWire conducted a large-scale survey and found out that Metaverse technologies are considered by users as the main tool for social networking in the future. Thus, 68.8% of participants cited the Metaverse as a preferred platform for entertainment and recreation, while 65% considered it a platform for social interaction.

Over 10,000 crypto investors and virtual space users took part in CoinWire’s survey in December 2022.

In addition to social networking, respondents noted the potential use of Metaverse technologies in areas such as:

  • financial sector (61.2%);
  • business projects (46.6%);
  • education (45%).

CoinWire analysts named the United States as the most advanced country in the integration of Metaverse technologies into daily life. However, the most active users of virtual space were residents of China (78%) and India (75%). By the way, the Netherlands was recently recognized as the most prepared jurisdiction for widespread adoption of Metaverses, but this rating doesn’t take into account China’s performance.

Moreover, CoinWire’s survey showed that more than half of virtual space users not only invest in developing the Metaverse sector, but also own some form of crypto. For example, Metaverse projects attracted over $2 billion in investments in 2022. Analysts predict the growth of profitability of Metaverse projects precisely due to user activity.

However, despite the high interest in the technology, the global level of adoption is still low. You can read about why Metaverses can’t become the leading trend of the crypto industry in the nearest future in this op-ed.

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