Mining, Self-Analysis of Crypto Projects, and CP Media’s Experience in Running Web3 TikToks

The second week of September wasn’t without surprises for the crypto market. The anticipation of inflation data in the U.S. and news about the upcoming liquidation of the bankrupt FTX’s assets negatively affected crypto prices. However, falling prices were temporary and the crypto market survived. The end of the week was marked by the one-year anniversary of Ethereum’s transition to PoS

Mining, Analyzing Web3 Projects, and Insights on TikTok Accounts Promotion

Besides, this week CP Media shared impressions about the SiGMA Balkans & CIS conference, and a new episode of Crypto Pilgrims about the U.S. crypto market was released on YouTube. 

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  1. Mining for First-Timers: All You Need to Know 

This week, we decided to go back to the basics and explore crypto mining in detail. Even though the process is often associated specifically with Bitcoin, we looked at how it’s done without being tied to a specific asset. The material will explain why mining is necessary, how it is carried out, and what cryptocurrencies can be mined besides BTC.

  1. Checklist: Analyzing Crypto Projects for Investment 

The CP Media team has developed a simple algorithm for analyzing crypto projects that will allow you to independently examine Web3 projects and make an informed decision on investing in them. This checklist will help you analyze projects from the list of ICOs or airdrops of September.

  1. From Scratch: CP Media Shares Its Experience in Launching Web3 TikTok Accounts

Last month, the CP Media team held an in-house challenge — several volunteers created TikTok accounts focused on the Web3 industry and built them from scratch, based on the educational course “TikTok for Crypto, FinTech, and Web3.” The participants shared interesting insights about the platform’s specifics and some ideas on how to promote Web3 accounts on the social network.

  1. Cryptocurrency Events of September

The past week was also no less productive in terms of crypto event announcements:  

Attending these exhibitions and conferences will be an exciting experience for every member of the Web3 community as this is where experience is shared and new products and solutions that can change the industry tomorrow are showcased.

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