The Polygon Labs team has introduced the Chain Development Kit (CDK), an open source toolkit for developers based on Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology. The CDK will enable the creation of fully interoperable Layer 2 protocols in the Ethereum ecosystem. 

Polygon Releases CDK to Develop L2 Solutions for Ethereum

The Polygon team has announced the launch of a new toolkit for developing interoperable L2 solutions on the Ethereum blockchain network, the Chain Development Kit (CDK). The toolkit’s open source code is already available for download on GitHub.

The CDK uses zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology to ensure the security and scalability of Layer 2 protocols. The main advantage of Polygon’s new toolkit is the ability to quickly and easily launch L2 protocols fully compatible with each other and with the entire Ethereum ecosystem. All chains launched with the CDK will be automatically connected to a shared ZK bridge, which will provide seamless cross-network communication.

This approach will enable automatic access to the common liquidity of all chains on the Ethereum network, including Polygon. By communicating through the ZK bridge, all Layer 2 protocols will be able to conduct fast transactions, with ZKP providing automatic confirmation.

The CDK functionality will allow developers to create any L2 solution for Ethereum, including:

  • payment services; 
  • DeFi protocols; 
  • GameFi projects
  • social network platforms;
  • NFT solutions.

Polygon Labs developers actively use ZKP technologies for network updates. Last year, they launched Nightfall, a solution for reducing commission costs within the Ethereum network. Recently, the developers presented a decentralized solution for digital identification Polygon ID and announced the imminent launch of the Polygon 2.0 update set.

Author: Molly Wilson
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