Reddit Users Will Get NFT Avatars

Reddit is working on a feature that would allow its users to set any NFT as their profile picture.

Reddit is considering options to verify NFTs and the ability to use them as profile pictures, TechCrunch reports. Reddit representatives commented on the situation, saying that implementing NFTs is still at an early stage. According to the developers’ idea, this feature will make the experience of using Reddit more valuable. 

Twitter users subscribed to Twitter Blue had an opportunity to install NFTs as a profile picture. Twitter implements this function via the API of the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea. At this point, Twitter users can only use NFTs released on the Ethereum blockchain. Reddit also started experimenting with NFTs some time ago. A special subdomain,, was even launched to develop initiatives in this area, the use of which is so far limited to advertising a collection of themed NFTs. Earlier, Reddit users had the opportunity to issue their own cryptocurrency tokens as part of subreddits.

Author: Mark Wallerstein
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