Ripple believes that central bank digital currencies (CBDC) have great potential not only to facilitate cross-border payments but also as part of strengthening monetary policy in some countries. The company estimated the CBDC market to be worth $5 trillion by 2033.

Ripple Estimates CBDC Market at $5T by 2033

Ripple published a document detailing the main features of CBDCs and called digital state currencies the evolution of money. According to the document, the development of the technology over the next decade will change the world.

The document highlights a number of benefits that the mass adoption of CBDCs will lead to, including:

  • increased financial inclusion; 
  • facilitation of international payments;
  • strengthened monetary policy; 
  • support for the positive impact of asset tokenization.

The paper also states that there are several hurdles to the technology’s mass adoption, but these challenges can be solved. Among them are:

  • the lack of a unified global regulatory framework for CBDCs;
  • the low adoption by end users; 
  • the lack of consumer awareness of CBDCs’ benefits; 
  • privacy and security protection issues; 
  • user identity verification issues; 
  • the lack of interoperability of CBDC projects;
  • offline access to transactions. 

Finally, Ripple analysts estimated the CBDC market at $5 trillion, which they believe will circulate in major economies over the next decade. 

The document was released on the same day as news that Palau’s Ministry of Finance decided to continue working with Ripple on the issuance of Palau Stablecoins (PSC). The authorities are ready to start the second phase, which will expand the stablecoin’s digital ecosystem and attract more users.

Earlier, James Wallis, VP of Central Bank Engagements at Ripple, spoke about the benefits of CBDCs, emphasizing their potential to provide financial services at a significantly lower cost compared to traditional methods. 

Ripple created a special platform that allows central banks to use a ready-made infrastructure for issuing digital currencies by making the necessary changes. Ripple CBDC Platform is already actively used by the governments of Hong Kong, Georgia, Montenegro, Bhutan, and other countries.

Author: Ana Bustos García
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