Volatility, BTC & ETH Rivalry, Cryptocurrencies in Serbia, and Crypto Events

FTX’s crisis keeps escalating. CoinsPaid Media published two big news stories devoted to the situation, one was posted earlier this week, and the other came out closer to the week’s end. That will be enough to stay up to date with the major events related to FTX Group. 

Volatility, BTC & ETH Rivalry, Cryptocurrencies in Serbia, and Crypto Events

However, the crypto market recovered rather quickly from a shock caused by the bankruptcy of one of the top crypto exchanges. So, blockchain news didn’t revolve around that. Besides, our editors continue to cover meaningful and interesting blockchain topics. If our dear readers miss any material in the hectic information flow, we prepare a weekly digest. 

  1. Cryptocurrency Volatility: What Is It?

Volatility is one of the key features of cryptocurrency assets, usually mentioned in a negative context. But what exactly does this characteristic mean? Let us tell you in detail. 

  1. The Rise of Cryptocurrency in Serbia

The cryptocurrency market in Serbia is developing dynamically. It’s regulated by the state and attracts more and more attention from the blockchain industry. The article about its peculiarities was prepared for CoinsPaid Media by a Serbian citizen and our author Alexis Patin

  1. Why Can’t ETH Compete with BTC on the Money Front?

A short op-ed by Anton Bykov, Senior Analyst at Esperio, outlines the prospects of competition between BTC and ETH in the context of the “crypto dollar” title.

  1. 15 Major Crypto Events in December 2022

A large selection of the most significant crypto events expected in December. Some of these have been covered in separate notes: 

December won’t be the busiest month full of conferences and exhibitions because everyone will be getting ready for the end of the year. And yet, there are several very intriguing events related to the blockchain industry and the cryptocurrency market. CoinsPaid Media encourages all readers who might potentially be interested in attending these events to research the list and double-check their plans for the coming month. 

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