This week was quite full of news. We all watched Ethereum’s switch to a new consensus algorithm, participated in debates and discussions, and monitored crypto exchange rates, new CBDC projects and regulators’ thoughts on how to get close to the industry.

Что нового на CoinsPaid Media: правила анализа проектов, ситуация с криптовалютами в Украине и мероприятия октября

We didn’t forget to share informative and useful materials to help you understand cryptocurrencies and blockchain from the inside and learn new and practical things about the industry for your user experience. So what did we cover in our other columns this week?

  1. Winter Is Coming: How to Recognize a Project That Won’t Survive a Bear Market?

Admit it, you’re watching “House of the Dragon” on HBO. We suggest you take an equally close look at CoinsPaid Media’s regular op-ed on how to analyze projects. A crypto investor needs to follow the basic rules: invest only in quality projects and quickly identify untrustworthy ones. In this article, you’ll find out how to assess and sort out investment projects. 

  1. Ethereum Is the Easiest & Safest Choice for Investors: True or False? 

In this column by Aaron Chomsky, you can read an expert’s opinion on the prospects of massive demand for Ethereum and a head-to-head comparison of the current situation between this cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. 

  1. Cryptocurrency Market in Ukraine

A letter from a regular reader gave rise to this week’s hot topic. The way the cryptocurrency market in Ukraine has changed due to innovations and how local users use their digital assets. The article covers the entire issue and also shares personal experiences, as many of our colleagues are located and work from different cities in Ukraine. 

  1. 9 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of October 2022

Here’s our traditional list of industry events that will take place in the first half of October. Plan your schedule in advance and remember that many events have online streams and formats, so you can get up-to-date information and expand your circle of acquaintances in the crypto industry. 

  1. Merge Conference in London  

The event will take place in London on October 17-18, with CoinsPaid Media being an official partner. Many interesting things are expected for those following the development of Web 3.0. Find more details in our note. 

Author: Katerina Palianova
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