Dear readers, here’s our weekly digest of the most relevant materials. The essence of the global concept of altcoins, the specifics of extremely useless coins called shitcoins, technological features and variants of using blockchain domains, and information about some interesting cryptocurrency events. CP Media covered all this during the last week. 

Altcoins, Shitcoins, Blockchain Domains, and Crypto Events

In addition, the CoinsPaid Media website regularly publishes the latest and most important crypto news to stay abreast of major trends and the biggest developments in the blockchain industry. CP Media’s materials allow you to follow current events in the cryptocurrency market and constantly expand your understanding of the decentralized technology sphere. 

  1. Altcoins: Definition, Types, and Purposes

It suddenly turned out that our Academy was lacking an article covering altcoins. CP Media decided to fix this unfortunate misunderstanding and prepared a material that gives a solid idea of the matter. 

  1. Shitcoins: What Are They, and How Not to Fall for Scammers’ Tricks?

Previously, we’ve already talked about meme coins and even provided a list of the most popular ones. Now, following this topic and further revealing the issue of altcoins, it’s time to talk about the most useless cryptocurrency “assets” used mostly for scam speculation. 

  1. How Do Blockchain Domains Work, and What Do They Offer?

Decentralized domain names are a technology that’s starting to be used more and more actively, as it offers more useful features not only for business representatives, but also for ordinary users. Let’s talk about all of this in more detail. 

  1. Cryptocurrency Events

CP Media continues to keep an ear to the ground to track the most interesting cryptocurrency events. This week, our authors prepared notes about two events: 

Both are noteworthy because they’ll bring together a large number of representatives of the blockchain industry, investors, regulators, and other interested individuals. Hearing the latest news, taking a look at cutting-edge blockchain developments, and finding potential business partners and many other exciting perspectives is exactly why thousands of people are paying good money to attend these events. 

Author: Mark Wallerstein
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