Cardano Named Most Close Brand for Users in Crypto Market

The cryptocurrency market took eighth place in the ranking of industries evoking the highest emotional response from users. Among the crypto market representatives, Cardano’s brand causes the strongest emotions.

Cardano Named Most Close Brand for Users in Crypto Market

MBLM conducted a study on the “emotional connection between a brand and consumer,” according to which the crypto industry is in eighth place, ahead of sports brands and brands related to health and hygiene. The blockchain project Cardano ranks 26th globally, but first among other cryptocurrency brands. 

MBLM analysts used artificial intelligence (AI) technology to evaluate and rank consumer attitudes toward the world’s leading brands. MBLM’s algorithms processed data on more than 600 different global brands from 19 different industries, analyzing over 1.4 billion user reviews on social media.

In the crypto industry, Cardano has the highest emotional response from users. MBLM analysts identified a total of 21 crypto brands that show a tangible closeness with users. 

In the global ranking, Cardano ranked 26th, ahead of not only “colleagues” in the crypto market (Bitcoin (30th place), Polkadot (111th), Uniswap (261st), and Solana (265th)), but also a number of well-known global brands: 

  • BMW (28th place); 
  • HBO (32nd place); 
  • eBay (41st place); 
  • Google (50th place); 
  • Twitter (54th), and many others. 

According to AI analytics, 41.1% of Cardano (ADA) reviews reflect a positive emotional attachment from users to the brand.

Cardano brand representatives named 2022 as a period of innovation. The Basho stage, a development plan for the project, was published. Since June, Cardano developers have shown a high intensity of work on the network code and, despite the misgivings of some experts, are preparing to release the hard fork Vasil soon.

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