Here is a new portion of useful materials devoted to the crypto industry in all its manifestations. 

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We publish news and updates almost daily, so we always have something relevant, interesting and informative to share. This week we recommend to your attention: 

  • a large set of cryptocurrency events worth paying attention to; 
  • a glossary of terms to help you understand what traders are talking about; 
  • a selection of material dedicated to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). 

So that you always have something to read on the weekends without being rushed:

  1. 20 Major Crypto Events in April 2022

The economy is turbulent, though the attention on the cryptocurrency industry is only increasing. Neither military conflicts, nor the coronavirus, nor spring freak out — April 2022 will be rich in events devoted to blockchain technology in different manifestations. We’ve prepared a list of the 20 most intriguing conferences, summits, forums and other crypto activities. 

  1. Trader’s dictionary. Difficulty level: High

Have you ever heard cryptocurrency traders talking to each other about the latest market news? There are plenty of puzzling terms. We’ve tried to explain some of them – it’s not yet the deepest part of a trader’s vocabulary, but it’s not superficial knowledge either. 

  1. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC): What Is It?

Central bank digital currencies are popping up more and more in the headlines. There is the digital yuan’s success, plans to develop the digital euro, and speculation about the digital dollar. But what are these CBDCs? This article in the Academy rubric will explain it to you. 

  1. How Different Countries Are Experimenting with CBDCs

Some countries are not just studying, proposing, considering and planning the launch of their own CBDCs; they have already rolled out national digital currencies or are as close as possible to doing so. It takes less than three minutes to study these states’ experiences.  

  1. CBDC Trends in 2022

A number of major states have also stepped beyond vapid conversations and have been developing their own digital currency projects for years. The experience of these countries should also be taken into account to gain a clear picture of the CBDC phenomenon in general and its practical implementation in particular.

Author: Evgeny Tarasov
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