A new survey shows that motivation to increase physical activity would be higher if paid in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency May Be a Better Fitness Motivator

FitRated, a fitness website, surveyed Americans about their attitudes toward blockchain-related fitness technology. More than a thousand people of different ages, backgrounds, physiques and varying investment backgrounds took part in the survey. The survey’s primary purpose was to determine Americans’ incentives to use the metaverse for fitness.

As a result of the study, 81% of respondents expressed a willingness to increase their physical activity to earn money in crypto. Remarkably, 40% of Americans were willing to give up gym membership altogether and exercise in the metaverse.

Walking was the most popular physical activity for earning digital assets, with 49% of respondents agreeing to walk every day to make money. Cycling is not inferior in popularity, on which 47% of respondents are ready to earn money, and swimming — 41% would like to swim every day and get cryptocurrency for it.

Equally preferred types of physical activity to earn money were: 

  • running (39%); 
  • weightlifting (35%); 
  • crossfit (34%); 
  • yoga (33%). 

Narrowly focused sports such as karate and boxing were less motivated by earning money in cryptocurrency, receiving only 15% to 20% of respondents’ votes.

The survey also included questions regarding the desired cryptocurrency for earning money in the fitness metaverse. The vast majority would prefer to receive Bitcoin (BTC) for their athletic achievements, with nearly 72% of respondents choosing the first cryptocurrency as their reward. Ethereum (ETH) came in second with 36%, followed by Dogecoin (DOGE) with 34%.

Gamification of the fitness space as a new trend in the Move-to-Earn segment is gaining popularity. The study found that 83% of respondents support the physical activity sector with Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements, while 63% see cryptocurrency rewards for sports as the main motivation.

Recall that Stepn (GMT) gaming application tokens were listed on Coinbase in March, the value of which just for a couple of months increased by almost 4,000%, and the project’s capitalization in less than three months of its existence is more than $850 million.

Analysts predict that a quarter of humanity will spend at least one hour a day in the metaverse within the next four years. All of them may be engaged in sports at this moment.

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Author: Ana Bustos García
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