Jack Dorsey Releases Decentralized Social Network Bluesky

Developers of the Bluesky social media app have integrated an “authenticated transfer protocol” that allows decentralized technology ideas to come together.

Jack Dorsey Releases Decentralized Social Network Bluesky

Former CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey announced that his long-awaited decentralized social network is ready for beta testing. The app is based on the innovative technology Authenticated Transfer Protocol (AT Protocol).

The developers of AT Protocol have called it a “federated social network” because the functionality has been added to allow for direct server interaction. The uniqueness of the technology allows to:

  • Produce user identification through domain names in the protocol. These will then be mapped to cryptographic URLs, protecting the user account and its data.
  • Transfer accounts from one social network to another without losing data.
  • Give users access to “an open market of algorithms.” This means that users will be able to control what they want to see and who they want to interact with on social networks, including ads.

No exact launch date has yet been announced. Dorsey said only it’ll “launch soon.” For now, users can apply to beta test the platform. 

According to Dorsey, the centralized manipulation of accounts and user data significantly reduces the popularity of most social media. And the idea of creating a decentralized social network emerged precisely in response to criticism from users of popular platforms.

Recall that Jack Dorsey’s revolutionary ideas are getting a wide response from the public. For instance, his concept of a decentralized web platform called Web5 has generated a lot of interest among users.

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