The Japanese-inspired LA WAIFU NFT collection, artwork powered by artificial intelligence, has been announced. 

LA WAIFU NFT: CoinsPaid’s AI Startup

LA WAIFU NFT is a startup by CoinsPaid, a new collection of non-fungible tokens whose main concept is digital waifus. The project’s primary technical highlight is that images will be created using AI-based technology. 

NFTs are to be issued on Ethereum and Polygon blockchains for collection and sale. Token holders will also get special roles on the project’s Discord server and the ability to participate in management voting. Tokens are customizable and can be used as avatars in the future. 

Eventually, LA WAIFU NFT can be used as part of blockchain games and even as characters in some of them. 

Token holders will also get access to the Pink Secret bar, which is similar to the BAYC’s Bathroom. There will be a page available only for token holders on the project’s website — a place for socializing, sharing images, songs, etc.

The first 15 LA WAIFU NFT tokens will be distributed for free during the pre-minting. To participate in the draw, you need to submit an application on the project’s website. From now on, one NFT will cost 0.08 ETH (~$200). Tokens are limited edition. The number of NFTs issued in the first draw will depend on the community’s interest in the project. The first part of the collection is scheduled for release in early June. 

LA WAIFU is the very first startup set up by CoinsPaid. So the company is developing competencies in AI and entering the NFT market. Max Krupyshev, CEO of CoinsPaid, recently spoke at length during an AMA session about the company’s current successes and future plans.

Author: Evgeny Tarasov
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