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Learning Course Presentation, Predictions, Fears and Latest Events

Here is our weekly selection of the most relevant materials published during the last seven days. During this week, we presented our own learning course for crypto beginners, prepared a cryptocurrency prediction for the near future, including expert analysis of the current market situation, and also kept covering interesting events, such as the ones we organized ourselves. 

  1. CoinsPaid Media to Launch Its Own Course for Crypto Newbies

A free training course has been taking shape for a long time, but it was finally revealed to the world officially this week. Using our Academy materials, everyone can now get a handle on what cryptocurrency, NFT, CBDC, DeFi and other confusing words are all about. 

  1. What is a Cryptocurrency? 

The title refers to one of the first questions that arise for someone who has decided to understand the phenomenon’s essence. It’s not an easy question to answer simply and clearly, but we gave it a try. This is actually one of the basic materials of our Academy.  

  1. Fear of Missing Out — FOMO

Don’t get us wrong, but FOMO is a common phenomenon. This is particularly true among those who are new to cryptocurrencies and haven’t fully understood what it is yet. The fear of missing out is also typical for other areas, but it’s especially acute in relation to the crypto market. That’s why there is a separate article on FOMO in the Academy. 

  1. Crypto Market Prediction for Spring 2022

Having a more or less objective view of what is going on is one of the methods to stay calm and rational, even amid severe emotional tension. CoinsPaid Media interviewed several experts who shared their insight on the present situation and the current prospects for its development. 

  1. Top 5 Ways to Use NFTs

Non-fungible token technology (NFT) is not only used for speculation in the digital art market, although it’s undoubtedly one of the most common uses of NFTs. But the technology’s possibilities are much greater, and so is its potential application. 

  1. CoinsPaid’s First IT Community Gathering in Georgia

We’ve already mentioned about a separate department in Media, fully involved in organizing, conducting and participating in cryptocurrency events, haven’t we? Well, CoinsPaid, with the active support of our event division, held an event for IT specialists from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and other countries in the heart of Tbilisi, bringing together about 100 representatives of the IT community. Check out a small photo report and details about how the event was held. 

Moreover, last week we also presented two large cryptocurrency events: 

We also wrote a separate note for each of these events. The more details we provide, the easier it will be for you to get your own idea of the relevance of a particular event. What if it turns out that this is exactly the event you need to visit to bring your business to the next level, make connections or get inspiration for the next big step in your life?

Author: Alex Golovakha
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