Among marketers with more than six years of experience, 64% of professionals encourage brand presence in metaverses. 

Marketers Actively Explore the Metaverse World

According to Unsupervised, 61% of marketers, regardless of their experience, plan to develop a brand presence in the metaverse. At the same time, qualified experts are more willing to implement this communication channel than marketers with up to two years of experience – 53% of respondents from this category are planning to develop representation in metaverses. 

Overall, 843 specialists took part in the study. Of those respondents, 44% plan to use metaverses as one of the main growth drivers. 

Some other interesting data include: 

  • brands should use crypto technology in their marketing strategy – 57% of respondents hold this opinion; 
  • the most popular social platforms for promotion in 2022 were named Facebook (29%) and Instagram (28%), TikTok came third (19%); 
  • in the context of trust in social platforms, Generation Z chooses TikTok (38%), Millennials select Instagram (32%), while Generation X and baby boomers prefer Facebook (37% and 46%, respectively); 
  • more than 25% of marketers think that NFTs are great investments. 

Earlier, we described the prospects of metaverses in 2022 and the most interesting projects in this area. 

Author: Evgeny Tarasov
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