The activity of the Web 3.0 sector is supported by automated bots. Their number in various blockchain games and DApps averages about 40%.

About 40% of Active Web 3.0 Users Are Bots

Analysts at Jigger, a bot prevention service, studied the activity of over 60 blockchain projects in Web 3.0 and identified about 200,000 active bots among their users. The GameFi sector saw the highest level of bot activity.

According to Jigger’s report, an average of 40% of bots generate activity in each P2E game. However, the number of active bots in some GameFi projects reaches more than 80% of all active users. 

Bots have taken root in BNB Chain projects the most. For example, the viral activity in the popular blockchain game Mobox is 48%, and nearly 63% of DiemLibre users are also bots. 

But besides the GameFi sector, other Web 3.0 areas are affected by the influx of bots. According to Levan Kvirkvelia, the co-founder of Jugger, there are bots not only in games. All services with profits are flooded with bots.

For instance, automated bots account for:

  • 87% of the users of Ariva Digital, a global B2C travel and tourism network;
  • 84% of the user base of AnRKey X, a Polygon-based NFT game art studio;
  • 65% of Voxels’ users, an Ethereum-based metaverse.

Notably, there’s a trend in the Web 3.0 industry to move from “play-to-earn” to “play and earn.” So, half of the gamers aren’t interested in making money, that’s why GameFi developers are focused on creating quality gameplay rather than monetizing the experience.

Analysts predict strong growth in the Play-to-Earn (P2E) segment over the next six years, but GameFi investors report declining profitability due to poor-quality blockchain games.

Author: Nataly Antonenko
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