Crypto Scams, Blockchain & AI, Unusual Mining, and Crypto Events 

Things are happening in the cryptocurrency industry at an unprecedented speed, so crypto news has become a must-have for anyone in the blockchain world. Otherwise, it’s simply impossible to keep track of what’s going on without missing important news specifically for your business or area of activity.

Crypto Scams, Blockchain & AI, Unusual Mining, and Crypto Events 

We continue following current events and looking at the world of cryptocurrencies in all its aspects. The most interesting things appear in our articles. To make sure you stay on top of the information flow, we’ve prepared a weekly digest of the hottest and most relevant materials published on CoinsPaid Media. 

  1. Top 5 Cryptocurrency Scams in 2022

By August 2022, hackers, scammers, and other cybercriminals had already stolen over $2 billion. It’s important to note that we condemn deception and theft, but some crypto crimes stand out from the rest. 

  1. Mining on a Smartphone: Is It Worth Starting?

Everyone has already used to the stereotype that mining means extreme expenses. Miners buy costly equipment, spend a lot of money on electricity, maintain a staff of technicians, and the heat released during mining can heat the whole city. In this context, “mining on a smartphone” sounds absurd, though…  

  1. Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain: Tandem to Make the World a Better Place

Blockchain is used today in over 60 different fields. Various AI technologies are also widely adopted in diverse industries. These two technical innovations often meet in one place — the results of such symbiosis are extremely intriguing. 

  1. 14 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of October 2022

Our sets of key events in the crypto industry have become a regular format, so if you’re making plans for the second half of October, you’ll definitely find our material useful. We want to draw your attention to the next event in the World Blockchain Summit series, which will be held in Dubai on October 17-19. All regional and international blockchain leaders will be there, so stay tuned. 

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