As the crypto market continues following in the wake of the global economy, we’ve been given some time to get into a little more detail about the theoretical part of the issue. Well, the recession will be over, but cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will stay. 

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  1. Crypto Market Forecasts for Fall 2022 Remain Disappointing

Experts continue speculating in an attempt to predict market movements based on objective factors, statistics, and logic. Their opinions generally remain disappointing — the cryptocurrency market is increasingly correlated with traditional markets, which are affected by more and more negative macroeconomic factors. 

  1. How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency

If existing cryptocurrency assets don’t suit you or the need for your own digital asset is motivated by objective factors, you can always create your own cryptocurrency. It’s not as difficult as it seems. That’s probably why the number of cryptocurrencies has already surpassed the 21,000 mark. 

  1. Commissions in Blockchain: What Are They?

What are blockchain commissions, why are they needed, and how are they charged? We discussed these questions in theory and with examples from some of the biggest blockchain projects. 

  1. DeFi, Teal Organizations, and the 4-Day Working Week

Our British writer’s thoughts on the connection between crypto technology, decentralized autonomous organizations, and the shift to a four-day workweek. You better read this text in English. 

  1. WOW MetaVentures Bangkok

Announcement of a large-scale event, with CoinsPaid Media as the official media partner. This is important because we’re very careful when choosing projects to cooperate with. We’ve known the WOW Summit team for a long time and closely cooperate, so the event promises to be interesting. You can find all the details in this note.

Author: Evgeny Tarasov
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