Here is a new portion of the recent news we added to CoinsPaid Media’s columns over the past week. Plus, check out a small set of articles dedicated to NFTs.

Interview with Future Innovation Summit Organizers, Quantum Computers, and Much More About NFTs

We publish news and updates almost daily. Educational articles, reviews on blockchain projects, author’s columns, forecasts, guides, reports from cryptocurrency events – all of this is certainly interesting to the crypto community member. To you, in other words. And to make sure you don’t miss anything exciting in this informational flow, CoinsPaid Media decided to publish a weekly digest of all the materials released over the last seven days. So that you always have something to read on the weekends without being rushed. 

  1. Quantum Threat: Will Quantum Computers Kill the Crypto Industry?

Quantum computers. What are they and how can they affect crypto technologies? There is an assumption that quantum computers can fundamentally change blockchain technology. Is it so? Reflections on the topic in a column by George Paliani, CEO of CoinsPaid Media. 

  1. Interview with Future Innovation Summit 2022 Organizers

Future Innovation Summit is the leading government conference and exhibition dedicated to the cryptocurrency industry. The event is scheduled for May 11-12, 2022. Ahead of the event, we spoke with the summit organizers, the members of the Private Office of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi. We discussed the industry in general and the Future Innovation Summit in particular. 

  1. Everything You Need to Know about NFTs

We didn’t have as much new material out this week as usual. Therefore, we decided to collect a few of those already published, united by one topic: NFTs. The best place to start is with the basic concepts — the article devoted to non-fungible tokens from the Academy column.  

  1. What Are NFTs, and Why Are They Saving Art?

An author’s column by Nick Redfeather, which takes a broader look at NFT technology and gives a better understanding of its significance for contemporary artists. 

  1. NFT Collections Overview: Bored & Mutant Ape Yacht Club

A comprehensive review of the most popular NFT collection by Evgeny Zatsepin. The article gives an insight into the scope of the phenomenon, details and practical application of NFTs.

  1. NBA Top Shot: Basketball NFTs

Another popular NFT project. Its successes have greatly contributed to the growing hype around NFTs in 2021. Another example of the practical application of non-fungible tokens. 

  1. How to Create Your Own NFT

Accessibility is one of the charms of NFTs and cryptocurrency technology. Literally anyone can create their own NFT, and it doesn’t require deep programming knowledge or any exorbitant money. All you need is to understand the issue, and our material will help you with that.

Author: Evgeny Tarasov
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